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Group Sessions - Great for Grads!

Here are a few samples of my editing work.
All editing is included with my sitting fees.

More Samples

Need a DJ?

As low as $10 per person!

Get a group of 3 or more friends together & come to my studio for a group photo shoot you'll never forget!

We'll take a bunch of shots of your group

each person in your group will receive a FREE 5x7 of their favorite group shot


I will take your individual portraits for FREE at the time of the group sitting! ( $40 sitting fee is FREE for EACH OF YOU at the time of the group sitting)

AND each person will receive 2 FREE 4x6's of their favorite personal shot!

Group Sitting Prices

3-6 friends only $25   per person 

7-10 friends only $15  per person 

11-15 friends only $10  per person!!

Make your appointment today!!

Individual Sitting Fees

You will recieve a Quick Session FREE for yourself at the time of your group sitting! And NO obligation to buy!

Quick Session     $40           upto 20 shots taken with 1-2 outfits

Value Session    $75          upto 50 shots taken with 2-5 outfits

Super Session   $125       UNLIMITED shots taken with UNLIMITED outfits!



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